Ice Cream

Avocado Sriracha
balsamic fig & mascarpone
beer & pretzels
blackberry ginger sorbet *
Bourbon Pecan Pie *
Brown Butter Candied Bacon
chocolate peppermint
Cookies & Sweet Cream
cuban cigar
Dark Chocolate Sorbet (Vegan) *
Dexter Vanilla
Drunk Gingerbread Man *
earl grey
fried chicken & waffles
gin & tonic
Hot Toddy *
maker's manhattan
nutella with almonds
olive oil
peanut butter
peking duck
pistachio black truffle
red velvet
root beer float
salted caramel
Salted Chocolate w/ Chocovivo
Salted Tahitian Vanilla Bean
Southern Belle
spiked egg nog *
strawberries & cream
Tahitian Vanilla Bean
Thai Tea
Whiskey Lucky Charms
white russian
Yogurt Granola Berries
Zlicious Salted Caramel Corn Ice Cream *
baked apple *
Adult Sundae *
Almond Joy *
Apricot Sorbet *
Black Forest Cake with Chocolate Stout *
Blueberry Sweet Corn *
butterscotch budino *
chocolate chipotle *
Chocolate-covered Churro *
Coffee and Donuts *
coffee oreo *
dirty mint chip *
Goat's Milk Caramel Mascarpone Rosemary *
Grapefruit, Tarragon & Gin *
guinness chip *
key lime pie *
mango saffron sorbet *
Maple Sweet Potato Marshie *
mint julep *
Mocha Marcona Almond *
pear vanilla sorbet *
pumpkin pie *
Scotch[mallow] with M&M's ("Dad's Secret Stash") *
spicy pineapple cilantro (with serrano chilis) *
strawberry mojito sorbet *
Vietnamese Coffee *
*Available seasonally; please confirm with events department or local social media for availability.


Chocolate Chip
Chocolate Chunk Pretzel
Double Chocolate
Double Chocolate w/Sea Salt
Gluten-free Coconut Almond
Maple Flapjack
Peanut Butter
Peanut Butter Captain Crunch
Potato Chip & Butterscotch
Red Velvet
Vegan Carrot Cake
Vegan Chocolate Truffle Banana
Vegan Ginger Molasses


[SAMMIE] Cara-Mia Lehrer
[SAMMIE] IM Pei-nut Butter
[SAMMIE] Louis Ba-Kahn
[SAMMIE] Mies Vanilla Rohe
[SAMMIE] Mintimalism
[SAMMIE] Rem's Coolhaus
[SAMMIE] Renzo Apple Pie-ano
[PINT] Cara-Mia Lehrer
[PINT] Chocolate Maltzan Cake
[PINT] Eric Owen-meal Moss-carpone
[PINT] Mintimalism
[PINT] Norman Bananas Foster
[BAR] Chocolate Hazelnut Aalto-mond
[BAR] Coffee & Peter Cook-ies
[BAR] Mies Vanilla Rohe


coolhaus signature hot chocolate
Dry Soda
Iced Coffee
Pour-Over drip coffee
Soda Float


4, 6 and 12 packs of Sammies
Bacon Salt
Ice Cream Cakes
Radical Chocolate Candy Bars
Radical Chocolate Truffles
Vanilla Sugar